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How to store your favorite mink coat

Some of you might have a couple of mink coats that is pased down from generations to generations, or some might have bought a new vintage mink jacket.  It is important to take care these coats and jackets so that the fur stays clean, moisturised, and alive. Many mink coats such Chinchilla, Sable and even fox fur have silver tip which if taken special care will bring out its shine. The more silver the tip becomes, the more the value will increase. 


The Art of Dry Cleaning in Bangkok

For all the permanent residents in Bangkok and regular visitors, it is very important to find a proper suitable dry cleaning service in Bangkok. Bangkok has many different dry cleaners. Some of the dry cleaners are targeted towards high end customers, and some dry cleaners are target towards uniform cleaning and others target toward cleaning linen such as bed sheets etc. Therefore, Bangkok has many dry cleaners that will fit everyone's need. However, not all of them are considered a high end service that will deliver you the best service you need. 


What to look for in a dry cleaning service in Bangkok.

When you search for the best dry cleaning service in Bangkok, you should consider many different factors because your clothes should be treated with the highest quality service available in Bangkok.  First of all, your clothes should be clean and fresh. Then the appearance should look as new as the time you bought your clothes in the dry cleaning shop.  The most important is to have them long lasting, and stay with you as long as they can.  So, how will you find a dry cleaner that gives you the best dry cleaning quality that you are looking for.

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